Digital Marketing


Organic Search

Organic Search Optimization

You can’t count on customers finding your website through viral videos or word of mouth. They have to be able to find it when searching for a solution to their needs. As specialists in Search Engine Optimization (SEO), we can help your website and content appear organically in Google’s top results. Ensuring your website delivers the most relevant results to potential customers is the most cost-effective way to increase traffic and gather new leads - and we’re the experts for the job.

Paid Search

Paid Search Marketing

Google’s organic search engine updates quickly, but sometimes SEO alone isn’t  fast enough to draw targeted visitors to your site when you need them. In these cases, paying to be at the top of the search results makes sense - especially when you know that searchers are using keywords to look for the exact solution that you can provide. Blue Chair Digital creates intelligent, purposeful paid search campaigns that quickly put your site in front of customers looking for your services.


Display Marketing

We place enticing ads for your products or services on highly-trafficked and relevant websites, so you can get the message across to a wide pool of potential customers that you are the right solution to their needs. We can even help you retarget customers who have visited your site without completing a conversion. A user’s buying journey isn’t always linear - reminding them of what you offer with ads based on the content they’ve already viewed keeps your business top-of-mind when they’re ready to convert.


Social Media Marketing

Used correctly, social media is a powerful tool for interacting with your customers on the platforms where they spend most of their time online. A solid strategy and strong communications can build your brand, improve your reputation, and grow your audience. Presences on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or even TikTok, allow you to communicate with your customers authentically and effectively, building their awareness and loyalty.


Content Marketing

“Content Is King” is a tired phrase, it’s true. But no matter the platform or the medium, it can’t be denied that content continues to reign supreme. Customers are unable to make a purchasing decision or even complete a form unless they know what they need to know about your products and services. We have experts on hand with years of content strategy and optimization experience to help you create the meaningful, purposeful information users require to convert.

Tech Support

Although we’re technology agnostic, we have extensive experience with many industry-leading platforms.


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