Data Analysis

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Web Analytics Set-Up

Seeing customer trends and business analytics is key to reaching your goals and growing your business. By utilizing the right analytics tools, you can know instantly if your goals are being met. But implement them incorrectly, and you can end up making major decisions based on faulty data. At Blue Chair Digital, we  specialize in the set up and optimization of highly accurate web analytics.

Often, essential information is hidden within websites, databases, or systems. Data mining is the key that unlocks this treasure chest. Let us scrape that information from the source and configure it into a format that works best for you. With Blue Chair Digital’s custom scrapes, your organization will gain an edge in data management and web analytics.



Web Analytics Reports

Generating reports with specific intents is crucial to your understanding of your customers. Data is highly amenable to transformation, meaning that we can convert confusing facts and figures into the meaningful visualization of your choice, whether it be PowerBI, Tableau, or another software solution.  After gathering the data you need and storing it in Google Cloud, we’ll configure it into attractive visual reports in the format of your choice.

Blue Chair Digital not only sets up your reporting, we edit it as your key metrics change or are modified. We’ll even base our reporting methodologies on demographics and audiences, so you can sharpen your products and services to more quickly target those who are already interested in what you offer.



Actionable Items from Web Data

Blue Chair Digital helps you to analyze your reports and can provide concrete recommendations based on your data. Sometimes the insight from a report is obvious. But often, with our expert eye, we can find small clues hidden in our clients’ data and use these to set strategies that lead to large improvements.

Realizing who your customers are and how to engage them better through careful data analysis is the not-so-secret secret to meeting your goals and growing your business. But data and the insights it provides are not static - they require constant work and attention. We’ll regularly monitor reports to stay on top of all the latest trends with your customers’ and your digital performance.


Tech Support

Although we’re technology agnostic, we have extensive experience with many industry-leading platforms.


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“A data driven business doesn’t just analyze data to improve what they are already doing. They use that data to expose new customers, niche markets, and unidentified opportunities.”

- Jonathan Stephan, Chief Data Officer