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AB Testing

AB Testing

Have you ever noticed that your Google browser or Netlfix homepage look a little different from a friend or coworker’s? Brands like Google, Netflix, Ebay and Amazon will run hundreds of AB tests (aka “split tests”) on their sites every year. Why? Because these tests are experiments to compare how users interact with variations in their platforms, showing them whether a potential change makes customers more or less likely to complete a desired action.

With these results, they have the insights they need to quickly make updates that not only benefit the user, but also the company pocketbook. Using AB testing, Blue Chair Digital uncovers opportunities to increase your lead capture and eCommerce revenue exponentially.  No more guesswork — just real, impactful enhancements.



Nearly 80% of users are more likely to convert from a company that offers a personalized experience. Why does it work? Think of it this way: Your salespeople get to know your customers’ preferences and use their knowledge to close more deals. Your website should, too.

Blue Chair Digital customizes websites with personalized promotional offerings, calls to action, content and more. By dynamically serving content based upon the users’ locations, interests and so much more, we ensure each message your users see is curated specially for them. With this conversion rate optimization tactic, monthly quotas are easily met and frequently surpassed.


Promotional Overlays

Your website should be your best salesperson. But how can it perform exponentially and to scale if it doesn’t have access to the same promotional offerings as your salespeople? When customers can access deals on a company website, return users can get what they need quicker and by themselves. This frees up the sales team to scout new business and spend more time with your best customers.

We help companies craft onsite banners, overlays, full-screen pop-ups to reengage users abandoning the shopping cart, new users visiting the site, and more. This CRO technology can also encourage new users to register for an account or subscribe to an email list for future promotional offers.



Sure, quantitative data is important. But in order to achieve a holistic view of what users think and feel about your digital presence, it has to be coupled with qualitative data as well. You’ll be surprised to find just how happy and willing your users are to share their opinions with you.

Though we may be continuously moving toward a more digital society, users are still human. At Blue Chair Digital, we create user surveys that generate informative insights, allowing us to humanize each digital interaction between your customers and your brand.

Tech Support

Although we’re technology agnostic, we have extensive experience with Many industry-leading platforms.


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