Your website is your top salesperson

only more productive

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Better Than Pretty

Websites — particularly ecommerce stores — aren’t created for aesthetic alone. They’re developed to reach a company’s business goals and scale the activity of sales teams, all while providing users with the information they need to take an action. If your website isn’t meeting these objectives, Blue Chair Digital can help.


What Is Your Main Business Goal?

Capture Qualified Leads

capture Qualified leads

After users navigate to our clients’ websites, we monitor and analyze their every behavior pattern. With these insights, we can deliver optimized experiences that maximize your ability to yield valuable conversions.

Increase Revenue

Increase Revenue

Leads may be your company’s bread and butter - but quality will always matter more than quantity. Our strategic search marketing targets users in the right places with the right messaging, driving high-quality leads to your site.

Scale for Maximum Profitability

scale for maximum profitability

Handling a few online conversions a week is easy, but your company needs a plan in place to scale. With Big Data transformation and analysis, blue chair digital makes scaling conversions a cinch.


"Too many businesses these days attempt to inform the market when they should be listening to what their consumers are saying. Think about when you’re the consumer: Do you want a company telling you what you need or listening to what you want?"

— Miranda Zimmer, Blue Chair Digital CEO

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