Which CMS for Your Ecommerce Store: Squarespace vs. Shopify

So you’ve decided that Ebay and Etsy prices are getting out of hand, or you’ve decided to expand your Brand to your very own website. The good news is that website design and hosting is easier than ever today. Squarespace and Shopify both have a free trial period if you want to try them first hand, but let us help you get a good idea which may be the best option for your ecommerce website.

Quantity of Products

Shopify has very robust ecommerce management options built into the CMS. And if there is a feature missing that you want, there is likely an inexpensive plug-in that can easily be added to your site (with little to no code knowledge needed). If you’re looking for a more hands-off approach to running your store, Shopify also has a litany of partners ready to manage and maintain your digital storefront. However, if you don’t have a broad catalog of products and plan on fulfilling all orders yourself, Squarespace’s features might provide everything you need with an easy to manage interface even for the digitally unsaavy.

Look & Feel

The beauty of Squarespace and Shopify is that both have out-of-the-box responsive design, meaning that they look just as good on mobile as they do on desktop. Additionally, they both allow you to create a design that fits your company’s branding. While there will be some limitations without the use of code on both platforms, web developers and technology consulting companies are always able to help you take design and functionality to the next level.


Price is key when it comes to website creation and maintenance. With basic Squarespace ecommerce plans starting at $26 and much less code knowledge required for customization, this is the go-to for small to medium-sized companies with limited labor and financial resources. But, if you’re a medium to large-sized company with labor and financial resources available, Shopify — starting at $29 —is definitely the better option as it will be easier to scale as your business continues to grow.

Draw Backs

Unfortunately, Shopify and Squarespace currently lack internal tools to improve traffic and conversions on your site. Yes, there are SEO options, but without the knowledge of how to optimize your web pages, it is very difficult to do on your own. That is where Blue Chair Digital can help. Our web experts can analyze your competitors websites along with user search behavior to create the ultimate web experience for your customers, your company, and your brand.

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