People Do Business with People, Not Companies

People don’t want to do business with digital marketing agencies or consulting companies. They want to do business with the people behind the digital marketing agency or consulting company.

So why do so many of agencies and consultants hide their people from websites, marketing, and all around company presence? We have seen two common reasons for putting the company before the people, each of which could mean these companies provide less than desirable results.

Inexperienced Employees

A majority of the time, enterprise businesses and other companies turn to agencies and consultants because of the comprehensive experience they offer. Instead of providing this, more and more agencies are hiring entry-level college grads with no experience, paying them very little, and billing their work at $150 an hour. This is great for them, but not so much for the companies that could’ve brought on interns with the same professional wisdom and saved a lot of capital.

At Blue Chair Digital, we believe in bringing on experienced professionals, paying them fairly, and contributing to their continued growth.

High Turnover Rates

Another common reason agencies hide their employees is because of excessive turnover. This is especially common for those agencies hiring young people just looking for any way to make ends meat. The moment another company calls up the employee with a better job offer, the employees move on to greener pastures.

While some agencies take pride in their elevated turnover, Blue Chair Digital aims to retain top talent. We know how hard it is to find digital professionals who have a deep understanding of current practices and stay up to date with emerging innovation, as well. So when we find them, we make sure they have everything they need to remain successful.

If you have experienced a company that doesn’t show off their employees, you might have noticed inexperience and high turnover rates. But sometimes low pay, inadequate leadership, or a slew of other possibly negative attributes can be the culprit. These red flags should be cautionary to businesses that expect to accomplish more than just brand awareness or completing the work to simply get it done.

Does your company want to hire an agency who only employs entry level staff to increase THEIR return on investment? Or, do you prefer an agency that puts YOUR bottom line as the top priority by providing top talent? Then go ahead and drop us a line.