How to Get More Views on YouTube Video

Creating a video highlighting your product and services is a great way to attract and engage customers. This is especially true since Youtube is the second most popular search engine — after Google, of course. But, there is nothing more disappointing than spending time and money on a video that no one watches. Allow us to offer some helpful hints to attract more viewers to your video.

10 minutes minimum

Google’s recommendation engine is a great way to get views for your video. The algorithm’s goal is simple: keep viewers on the platform as long as possible. Because of this, the algorithm prefers longer form videos of at least 10 minutes. Anything shorter than that may not be highly recommended to viewers. Getting your videos recommended by YouTube is the best way to attract new subscribers, as well as rake in the views.

Make your title SEO friendly

Don’t make the title of the video click-baity or irrelevant. The best practice for title naming convention is to simply describe the contents of the video so people searching for it will find it. Simple titles like “How to remove a mower blade from an EGO mower” or services such as “Xpel Clear Wrap install to protect car paint by Car Studio Saint Louis” might not be flashy, but they contain a high level of precision and intent. If a user is looking for the contents of your video they’ll not only be able to find it, but likely watch the entire video, too. It is very similar to content marketing, keep it simple and be straight forward with your message. To double down on effectiveness, add alternate terms to your review’s description such as “Electric mower” instead of “EGO mower” or “3M Clear Wrap” instead of “Xpel”.

Stable camera and microphone

Guess what? You can make your own videos with just your phone! You probably already knew that, but did you also know that if you don’t setup the shots correctly, people will quickly get annoyed and leave your video regardless of how helpful it is? Spend a few dollars buying a tripod or a phone mount for a little better production quality. Also, shell out the dollars for a decent microphone so your videos have clear audio and viewers can hear you correctly. Finally, make sure the room is well lit so viewers can use their favorite sense: sight! It doesn’t take long to setup a video shoot, but the time spent will ensure more viewers continue watching your videos from start to finish.

Now that you’ve got the basics down, you can focus on how you will get those videos to go viral, attract more new customers, and — most importantly — get the conversions you need to increase ROI on your marketing efforts!

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