Zones - The Answer for Enterprise Tag Management

The bigger the company, the more the bureaucracy stifling agility and productivity. Lucky for digital marketers, Google gets that!

Think of all those times you worked night and day to get up a new landing page, only to wait 2 weeks for IT to implement the event tracking you requested. And even worse, after the tags are finally in place and tested, they aren’t even capturing data correctly anyway! Well, Google heard these woes and created Zones for their Enterprise Tag Management Platform - Tag Manager 360.

Who Benefits from Google Tag Manager 360: Zones?

  1. Internal Marketing Departments

  2. 3rd Party Agencies

  3. IT Departments

Internal Marketing Departments

With Zones, digital marketing departments are able to add approved types of tags and triggers on specific pages without putting in a ticket to the IT department. If a marketer created a landing page for an upcoming advertising campaign, they can implement, troubleshoot, and fix tags all before the campaign launches and never have to worry about putting in another ticket to update something that wasn’t correct. REJOICE!

3rd Party Agencies

Now if you think it’s difficult for internal marketers to get what they need from an IT department, imagine those poor marketers who are not even on site! With Zones, 3rd party agencies can set-up any tags they need and never have to worry about the priority of their tickets or if they’ll get what they need before an upcoming campaign goes live.

IT Departments

Regardless the size of the company or industry the company serves, IT departments are consistently overloaded. Why should they be tasked with menial tasks that are time sensitive and require a deeper understanding of business requirements? With Zones, developers can create a zone for internal or external marketing teams that restricts which types of tags can be published. No more worrying about interrupting your sprint to implement event tracking on a marketing landing page again!

Looking to increase the agility of your tag management and the accuracy of data captured associated with marketing campaigns through Google Tag Manager 360? The team at Blue Chair Digital can help. Schedule a consultation with our experts today!