Data-Driven Marketing: The Rule Not the Exception

It’s likely you’re familiar with the popular adage about “assumptions”. So why would any marketer rely on assumptions, gut feelings or guesses when they could use data to paint the picture? If you’re thinking, “Well there is absolutely no reason to guess when you can use data to formulate better strategies and learn from past efforts to make future campaigns even more successful,” pat yourself on the back. At Blue Chair Digital, we’re got four great reasons to establish a data-driven marketing culture as the business rule. 

Improved ROI 

Remaining customer-centric is key, but as goal-oriented marketers we’re as results driven as we are customer focused. So what would you say if I told you it was possible to earn more money on the same campaigns you were going to run anyway? Intrigued? It’s not only possible by focusing on the data, it is expected. Notice a campaign doing exceptionally well in one location, but less than impressive results in another? Pause all of your spend in the locations not converting and pump those dollars into the one performing. This is truly the best way to optimize any and all advertising spend via insights from data.

Better Segmentation

While user segmentation can be extremely difficult with demographic data alone, our digital marketing professionals recommend capturing user data including behavior-related events and session recordings that provide an inside look into intent. Capturing and analyzing behavioral data allows a marketer to segment their users into audiences that can be targeted with relevant ads, emails, promotional offers, and more. An added bonus to a more sophisticated segmentation strategy is an upward trend in conversion optimization, too! 

Accelerated Results

Speed is a consistent issue that even the best marketers encounter. With data, marketers can increase agility and equip themselves with the information they need to pinpoint highly performing results. Once those results are exposed, it is much easier for marketers to recreate those results to scale.

Happier Customers

We can’t forget that everything a marketer does should make the user experience easier and more enjoyable. By capturing both quantitative and qualitative data from users, marketers can understand both the objective and subjective to develop campaigns that appeal to users in the ways they prefer.

With these four benefits to data-driven marketing, it is no wonder that this culture in marketing is becoming the rule and not the exception. If your company’s internal marketing team or external marketing agency isn’t employing data to inform their every move, we can help.

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